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Other uses for ZeoFill

•   Artificial grass infill

•   Horse stall freshener

•   Pool filter abatement

•   Salt amendment

•   Kitty liter

•   Oil absorbent

•   Water filtration

•   Pond algae remover

green artificial turf ZeoFill

Zeofill is completely safe for your kids and your pets. With this 100% natural product, you can count on it to absorb moisture and ammonia. It also has no chemicals and perfume added. This 100% natural volcano ash product is environmentally friendly and is considered a clinoptilolite.

•   Best solution to pet odors - 100% safe for

    children and pets

•   Works combined with any turf infill

•   Purest pet deodorizer made

•   Will not clog drain holes in your turf

•   Recharges itself with nitrogen from rainwater

•   100% natural and environmentally safe with  

    no additives added

Benefits of ZeoFill for Turf

Spread evenly on top of the turf by hand or by using a drop spreader, using a stiff bristled broom. Brush the ZeoFill into the turf fibers against the grain until the ZeoFill falls to the bottom of the blades. This will help with the odor. In addition, this process will keep the blades standing up and keep the grass cool.

How do you use ZeoFill?

You can control the unpleasant odor of dog urine with just one 50-pound bag of ZeoFill. A 50-pound bag will cover approximately 50 - 100 square feet depending on the number of dogs you own and their sizes.

Effectively using this product to control dog urine odor

Keep your lawn pristine with environmentally safe product

Is ZeoFill usable on real sod and rocks?

ZeoFill is a 100% natural organic material.

You can definitely use it on your real sod and rocks. Your live plants are safe when this product is in use.

Get your ZeoFill today!

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